2014 - THANK YOU to all those who visited “The Kite Museum” exhibition at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre during it’s five year run.

It was fun to watch people point knowingly at kites around the room with big grins on their faces.

Perhaps some day the Kite Museum exhibit will have a permanent home.  Until then, we turn our attention more to the touring part of our passion.

In the last week of June we will announce our next exhibit: “Art of the Kite”, an eclectic collection of 50 kites from the past 100 years and 14 countries.

The warehouse continues to be appreciated (thanks Cole) and steady progress is being made on sorting, repairing, assembling, researching various projects.

Thank you for visiting.

Good winds

exsisto ut ventus
(be as the wind)


"In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds, and then believe them to be true. - Buddha

The mission of the museum is to:
* Celebrate the wind
* Encourage cultural, environmental and family activities

* Develop opportunities for people with challenges to fly

... simply stated - to share joy.