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In spring of 2005, I was engaged by the people of Pelee Island to help them with a variety of issues confronting the island.  Part of that renewal was an exploration of how could we increase environmentally friendly tourism by attracting free publicity in the spring to get people thinking about making a trip to the island part of their family plans?

As a life long kite collector who owned a kite shop in the 1970's and organized kite festivals in south Kent, it was a logical extension to think about introducing kites to an island with such great wind and flat land surface. 

The museum informally opened on June 28th, 2008. 

I claim no special gift as a kite flyer, kite maker, or kite historian or expert - Kites are fun and they make people happy.  For me, that is enough

The Kite Museum is a family owned museum - for families.  I say family which really means it is my passion, my 11 year old daughter really likes the idea and is looking forward to running it her way in the future; and my wife, well, lets just say that after 26 years of marriage, she has learned to resign herself to certain things in life.  But every once in a while when she thinks we are not looking, we do catch her smiling as Ashley and I go about our silliness.  At least until we return home and she still can't get into the garage or basement. 

The mission of the museum is:
Preserve kites and related knowledge
* Provide opportunities for people to be exposed to kites, their history and future
* Help teach the making of kite and related items
* To help preserve North American paper kites
* To use kites to bridge cultural understanding, environmental awareness and family togetherness
* To develop and introduce opportunities and means for physically challenged to participate in kiting
... and simply stated - to share joy.

First of all, please understand, our vision is not the traditional image and definition of an "institutional museum". 
Like a museum, we will have the traditional housing for displays and preservation, but we shall put most of our focus on traveling exhibits, inter-active programming and going to where the people are, rather than trying to get people to come to the museum.  Factoid:  Less than 4% of North Americans have ever been to a museum

We are committed to developing a working model for a "sustainable" kiting experience/institution which shall survive my passing and continue into the future.  If we can do that, then we will have a model for others to do the same in their country such as perhaps in France and Germany someday.

Our vision is to create the opportunity to create "wow".  "Wow" in terms of "I had one of those"; "that is so cool"; "I didn't know that"; "I did it"; "you won't believe what we saw"; and more.

What started as a means to create some environmentally friendly activities for families to generate free publicity for a small island community has taken on a life of its own - in a good way.  Five years from now, we hope that we have made a contribution to preserving this important historical human activity, as well to increase the awareness and participation into the future.

Enjoy - with the emphasis on "joy".

Thank you.

George, Sara, & Ashley Paisiovich

. George@thekitemuseum.com

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