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September 1 - Quote of the Day: A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.
Jean de La Fontaine, Famous French Poet

José Teixeira Fraga's (well known as Zeca das Pipas) pictured below.
Since the early 70's Zeca das Pipas has been promoting events trying to rescue one of the most popular Brazilian's entertainment form.
The partnership with mayors, shopping centers and culture foundations, helps him to carry workshops and kite flying for many cities in Brazil.
It's very grateful see people's integration. Children and adults looking to so many wonderful coloured forms at the sky: butterflies, boats, fishes, stars... Sometimes made by themselves.
Please visit him at:

August 12 - Quote of the Day. " For we are young my brothers, and full of doubt, and we have listened too long to timid men." 
Bruce Hutchinson, Canadian Author.
Received an e-mail from
Olivier Reymond of Switzerland today.  Olivier is a very gifted kite maker I met last year in Dieppe Canada.  Please take a moment and enjoy the images of this Master artist/kite maker by visiting his site at:

I continue to hear from a number of German historical kiters who are the most amazing group of kite historians outside of Asia.  Here is a link to a great example of their work:

We had a great time on August 9th giving away hundreds of free kites at Peleefest.  I will put a few pictures on the museum page.

I think one of the things which important to keep putting out there is that is little museum is just a beginning of a life long commitment.  What we have is all paid for, there a thousand details to get to, but for now we have just completed a huge milestone to get it actually opened and so for the month of August we are going to cruise and enjoy the moment, do a lot of listening to visitors about what they would like to see, while we begin work on next year's program.

An off handed remark - to a dream - to a vision - to a plan - to the actual opening of the first physical museum.
Next is the programming and more complete displays; activity packages for outreach; and then taking exhibitions on the road; and a second, much larger year round museum/activity centre near the Toronto area.

HELP WANTED:  The German folks have been great stepping forward with offers to help with translation, and I thank them for that.  Among other things we need help with, I would like to find one or two web people who could help me keep this site more consistently updated, and expand its knowledge base.  If interested, please contact me at:

Good winds to all.

July 8 - Quote of the Day: "In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. - Buddha

Received the following e-mail from two of the world's kite greats from Germany - Werner and Claudia Hammer-Schmidt.  Their vision AND ACCOMPLISHMENT, and that of their group is amazing and inspiring.  I hope to visit next year.  In the western world, no one does kite history better than the German folks.  I am sure we share similar experiences of taking a kite idea and making it a reality - though compared to them, I am not only pale in comparison to them, I am not even a pastel water colour.  But we both make things a bit better than we found them, and that is good. Do yourself a favour and click on the links below and be prepared to be amazed!.

Congratulations to your kite museum.
It was very nice to us to hear about the opening and we wish all the best to you and the project.

 If we can help with fotos or stories about old kites, please let us know.  We send two fotos from the kite festival fanö june 2008.

We made two "Grund Regulier-Drachen" in the size 10 m˛. This is the little one and is flying at the Observatorium in Lindenberg near Berlin. He fly very stable with big windreach. He is built with the original material. The big one you can see by . Our other kites you can see under .
Meg Albers has visited this part of Germany in October 2005. Now the Ballonhalle is complete restaurant and contains the first weather- museum in Europe.

Kind regards from Bottrop

Werner and Claudia Schmidt

Quote of the Day: "Life is what happens while you are making other plans."  John Lennon
Site of the Day: 
Kisa is Kirsten (Kisa Sauer) one of the most amazing and inspiring kite designers in the world.  Please visit her site, appreciate her artistry and buy some of her kites.

Happy New Year!
Five months to get the museum open.  Tick, tick, tick.
You will find some pictures added which show my 6 year old daughter Ashley and I flying one of Kisa's "Scubba Doo" underwater kites at the Louvre in Paris.  It is such a lovely kite that is a joy to fly.  It was great fun to repeatedly dump the kite in the water and photograph it coming out and flying.  Somehow I got away with flying the kite beside the pyramid at the Louvre for well over an hour before security came and politely escorted me off site.
If you look at the photos you will see that I was actually flying the kite a different times in all 360 degrees as it is a bowl courtyard which made it extremely challenging to fly the kite, position it for the shot, while also taking the photograph myself. 
All in all, it was a joyous afternoon with a very capable kite of simple pleasure.  Everyone should have one of these kites in their bag.


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