Upcoming 2010

Historical Kite Symposium
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May 4th - Kite history and flying at London home school

May 9, 2009, the Kite Museum re-opens in the Heritage Centre on Pelee island.

September 12 & 13, 2009  Pelee Island Monarch ButterFLY A KITE  Weekend
10am - 3:00 PM
Join over a dozen of Canada's top kite flyers as we look to set the world record for most Monarch Butterfly kites flown at once.


- February 2nd - Monarch Butterfly kite making and flying, Winter Carnival, Burlington, Ontario  DONE!

I travelled to San Jose  for a 2 hour private lunch with the author of The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini.  DONE!

Saturday, June 28 - 1:00pm - Opening of TheKiteMuseum.com in the Heritage Centre on Pelee island. DONE!

August 8-10th - We will have a booth at PeleeFest.  More info here:DONE! http://canadaeventscalendar.ca/event_single.phtml?evid=8293

Right now, we are concentrating on find tuning the museum over summer, and developing the plans for post-September.

The "Pelee Island Kite Society"  has informally come together  to help with the opening and maintenance of the museum.  Being a small island of about 280 permanent residents, it was felt "society" had an appropriate ring to it, given the cultural contribution and enlightenment we are making to those poor deprived souls we sadly refer to as "mainlanders" with their traffic jams, concrete jungles and blurred lives. 
To become a member of the Pelee Island Kite Society, you must have flown a kite on the island since the museum opened (blatant attempt to get more visitors); make a donate to the museum ( shameless pitch for money for lease and insurance for kite field);

- Most interesting kite made from common household waste
- Most interesting kite made from natural materials in their natural state (Leaves, etc).

- Physically challenged workshop for professionals, and fly day for them

SYMPOSIUMS (Wish List to Work on)
- Pear/arch top kites making - possibly on Pelee, preferably at Williamsburg, Virginia. 
- Collector's weekend to share and explore collections of kite related items

The next two are one we should do in conjunction with air/military  museums to capture as much first hand knowledge as we can for the same reasons Ken Burn's did yet another series - because when they are dying too rapidly
- Garber Kites
- Gibson Girl Rescue Systems

Always open to ideas.

Thank you.


 More soon...

Feel free to email us if you have questions. george@thekitemuseum.com

Thank you.

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